Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go for the Corona, stay for the Coroner

Yesterday a 2 and 6-year-old boy, and their 60-year-old grandmother, were shot to death by a drug cartel in Acapulco, Mexico. The cartel members were chasing a man who fled inside the family's home. Police collected over 200 bullet casings from outside the residence, indicating the level of firepower unleashed into the house by the cartel...and foreshadowing the gruesome discovery inside. Innocent bystanders to say the least. But gruesome violence is nothing new in Mexico.

On January 8th of this year, 28 murdered bodies were recovered by Acapulco police for that day alone. Fifteen of them had had their heads cut off and were scattered on a shopping mall sidewalk. Six of them were found stuffed in a taxi. Ever try getting six people to fit in a taxi? It's probably much easier when you don't have to worry about which limbs need to be attached to who.

I remember when my college roommates were planning their spring break trip to Acapulco like it was yesterday. I didn't go but made it to the much-anticipated MTV Spring Break Cancun the following year. All that can be said about that trip is "good morning peacock."

While those times are worth reminiscing about, Mexico is not the same as it was ten years ago when my college buddies and I were incoherently stumbling through it. Mexico is now a battleground besieged by drug violence. And this violence is all a direct result of the demand for illegal drugs in our own country. America's drug lifestyle is causing and financing the murders, tortures, and kidnappings occuring across our southern border. I'll speak directly; your purchase of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in this country, contributed to the deaths of over 30,000 human-beings in Mexico last year...some of them criminals, some of them 2-year-olds.

The debate over legalizing drugs continues on in the United States, but today the aforementioned drugs remain largely illegal. And yes, their illegality may be to blame for the high profits which cause untold amounts of Mexicans to commit atrocities and risk their lives to reap them, but, nevertheless, they are illegal. Ignorance is bliss...grow a fucking set.
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